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  • 12V 1040mm x 524mm Demista Heated Bathroom Mirror 7540 100W
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  • 12V 1550mm x 524mm Demista Heated Bathroom Mirror 7550 150W
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  • 12V 274mm x 150mm Demista Heated Bathroom Mirror 7505 7W
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  • 12V 274mm x 265mm Demista Heated Bathroom Mirror 7510 15W
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Your one stop shop for Demista mirror heaters

Whatever mirror demister you require, we’ve got it. We offer more than 400 sizes at 230V for standard installations, and a wide range of 12V options for cabinet doors and where SELV products are needed.

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At The Heating Partnership we strive to offer great customer service and installation support to back up the quality products we offer. Please get in touch with us with any questions you have about selecting the most suitable product, your order, fitting support, or bespoke products.

"The Demista pad was the perfect size for my mirror and very simple to fit. Great value for money for the luxury that it brings."

Gary Highland

Frequently asked questions

Selecting the correct mirror defogger for your application ensures a steam free mirror and a straightforward installation. Below are our most frequently asked questions.

At The Heating Partnership we take the hassle out of finding the correct size heater for your mirror. You can use our specification tool here, or alternatively contact us if you have an unusually sized or shaped mirror, and we will specify the correct Demista pads for you.

In general, you need to leave a margin of at least 25mm between the edge of the mirror heating pad, and the edge of your mirror. Mirror defoggers will heat a mirror up to 40% larger than the heating pad, so often you can have a margin of 150mm between the heater and the edge of the mirror and it will still clear the entire surface area.

You should always use a 12V mirror demister for heating mirrors in cabinet doors, and for any mirrors where you can touch the back of the mirror. Additionally, you should use one where your electrician says that you should install SELV products (such as around swimming pools).

You can use 12V mirror demisters for any other mirror if you wish, but usually a 230V unit is installed instead as it is less expensive and does not require a transformer.

230V mirror demisters are suitable for nearly all mirrors affixed to walls where you cannot access the back of the mirror.

Mirror demisters are very simple to install, and they come with comprehensive installation instructions.

Although you can install the heater yourself, the electrical connections must be carried out by a qualified electrician to comply with the latest wiring regulations.

Demista heaters are usually wired through the lighting circuit so that they switch on and off when the lights are operated, although they can be powered through a separate circuit.

The circuit powering the mirror demister must be protected by a suitably rated fuse or circuit breaker and must be 30mA RCD protected and incorporate all pole disconnection.

Our standard range of mirror demisters are suitable for mirrors up to 1m x 2.7m. If you have a larger or oddly shaped mirror you can mix and match pads of the same Voltage to provide perfect coverage.

If you are using multiple pads to heat a mirror they must be wired in parallel and they must not overlap each other, or the edge of the mirror once fitted.

If you are installing multiple 12V pads you can run them all off a single transformer as long as it is rated for their combined Wattage.

Please contact us if you would like us to specify the correct mirror demister pads for your mirror.

You should fit an earth grounding pad if your mirror has a metal surround, or if it has a metallic foil reflective surface which you could ever touch the edge of.

The grounding pad prevents these surfaces building up a static charge, by ensuring it discharges safely to the earth.

These charges are not harmful if you were to pick one up from your mirror demister, but they can be a surprise.

You must not cut or pierce your mirror demister in any way, as doing so will damage the two layers of electrical insulation, meaning it may not be electrically safe.

Demista have a huge range of pad sizes which can be mixed and matched as required, so you should always be able to find a standard solution that is suitable for your mirror.

Use our Demista specifier to help you find the perfect pad size for your mirror, and if one isn’t available, you can always contact us about our custom sized Demista pads.

Mirror heater pads are very thin carbon-based electrical heaters that adhere to the back of your mirror, much like the heaters that are used on car wing-mirrors to keep them clear of frost.

When an alternating current at the appropriate Voltage is passed through the carbon it heats up with an output of 200W/sqm, warming the mirror above the ambient air temperature, at which point no condensation can form on the mirror.

Mirror demisters are suitable for use with virtually all mirrors however there are some rare examples when we do not recommend their use:

Antique mirrors – if you have an antique mirror, or an artisan produced one, we do not recommend using a mirror heater as it is impossible to know if the mirror can cope with being heated up and cooled down as the pad is used.
Mirrors in steam rooms and saunas – due to the exceptionally high temperatures in these rooms, and the high levels of humidity, we do not recommend using mirror heaters as they are unlikely to be able to heat the mirror sufficiently to prevent condensation.
Mirrors with cut-outs – if you have cut-outs in your mirror, for instance to go around a shaver socket or light, we do not recommend heating it. These cut-outs create weak points in the mirror which can lead to it cracking if a heating pad is used.
Mirrors in frames with no thermal expansion gap – if you have a mirror that is held in a rigid metal frame with no expansion gap, we do not recommend using a mirror heater with it.

If in doubt, check with the supplier of your mirror that it can be used with mirror heaters.

Yes, the mirror will heat up and be warm to touch, but it should never become dangerously hot to touch as the mirror will pass its heat onto the air in the room, acting as a small panel heater.

If you are concerned about your mirror becoming too hot, or you will be leaving it on for many hours at a time, you can control the temperature of the mirror heater by incorporating an underfloor heating thermostat and using the floor temperature sensor to control the temperature.

Mirror demister

Welcome to our guide on demister pads and their usage. In this article, we will provide you with information about demister pads, including their benefits, various applications, and installation overview. Whether you are a homeowner or a business owner in the hospitality, housing, marine, commercial or leisure sectors, understanding demister pads and their usage can add real value to you or your customer. Join us as we dive into the world of demister pads and discover how they enhance visibility and create steam and condensation free surfaces.

Understanding Demister Pads

Demister pads, also known as anti-fog pads, are an innovative solution designed to prevent fogging on glass and other surfaces. They are most used on mirrors with the primary function to eliminate condensation and fog buildup, providing clear visibility without the need to wipe the surface.

The Benefits of Demister Pads

Enhanced visibility. Demister pads effectively eliminate fogging and condensation, ensuring optimal visibility in various settings.
Convenience and timesaving. With demister pads, you no longer need to constantly wipe away fog or use other temporary solutions. These pads offer long-lasting and reliable fog prevention, and you can rely on demister pads to keep surfaces clear without frequent maintenance, reducing or eliminating cleaning time.

Common Applications of Demister Pads

Home and domestic use. Demister pads are widely used in homes being applied to bathroom mirrors, ensuring that you have a clear reflection even after a hot shower.
Commercial and industrial settings. In commercial and industrial settings, demister pads find their application on mirrors in hotels and apartment blocks, both new builds and renovations.

How to Use Demister Pads

Using demister pads is a simple process that can be accomplished with ease. Follow these steps to ensure proper usage:
Clean the surface. Before applying the demister pad, ensure that the surface is clean and free from dust, dirt, or any other debris. This will help in achieving optimal adhesion and effectiveness.
Peel off the backing. Gently peel off the backing from the demister pad, exposing the adhesive side.
Apply the pad. Carefully place the demister pad on the desired surface, making sure it is positioned correctly. Press firmly to ensure proper adhesion.
Smooth out air bubbles. If any air bubbles are trapped under the pad, gently smooth them out with your fingertips to achieve a flat and even surface.
Allow time to adhere. Give the demister pad sufficient time to adhere to the surface before using or touching it.
Affix mirror to the wall surface. Using a suitable solvent free adhesive affix the mirror to the wall.
Connect to power supply. Normally the demister pad will be powered and switched by the light switch.
Enjoy clear visibility. Once the demister pad is properly applied, adhered and connected, enjoy the benefits of clear visibility and fog-free surfaces.

In conclusion, demister pads effectively eliminate fogging and condensation on mirror surfaces, providing enhanced visibility and convenience. They are used in homes, commercial, and industrial settings. Applying demister pads is a simple process and once installed, demister pads offer clear visibility and steam-free surfaces, benefiting users in various sectors. Enjoy the advantages of a fog- free environment with demister pads.